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Lawn tractor LT98S, Gudnord

  • Lawn tractor LT98S, Gudnord

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  • A compact side-tilting tractor for a smaller household. Bright LED headlights make the tractor more noticeable and allow you to mow in the dark. The basic equipment has a hook for connecting additional equipment (cart, lawnmower, moss rake, etc.) to be towed. Recommended meadow area approx. 5000 m²

    Engine: Loncin single cylinder, 432 cm3
    Nominal power: 7.5 kW
    Mowing device: 98 cm, side discharge, with two blades and support wheels
    Mowing height: adjustable in 7 positions 30-90 cm
    Transmission: gears 5 forward and 1 reverse
    Movement speed 1.6-8.3 km/h forward and 2.5 km/h in reverse
    Wheels: 15x6" front and 18x8.5" rear
    Turning radius: 45 cm
    Fuel tank: 7.5 l
    Seat: adjustable
    Dimensions: 1695x1280x1110 mm
    Weight: 168.5 kg
    Convenience equipment: starting the blades from the button, possibility of mowing in reverse gear, adjustable driver's seat, cup holder, washing nipple of the mower, front bumper, hitch point for trailing additional equipment.